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THE GAMES & Contests

Not all of these activities will take place on each and every one of our cruises.  Games are scheduled as time allows and will be detailed in the program your receive when you arrive in your stateroom.


You will receive your Elvis Bingo Trivia Card in your welcome package. The questions on the back of the card are trivia questions about the ship, about the ETAs on board and about other members of our Elvis group.  Meet and talk to your fellow passengers and the ETAs and get to know the Oasis of the Seas.  As you do, fill in your Bingo board for a chance to win prizes.  The more spaces you fill in the better.  Shoot for five across, an X, filling in the border, or completing the full card.


Turn in your Card to Adam at Game Night in the Ship’s Conference Center from 9 PM – 11 PM on Friday, January 19th. Winners will be announced at our last show of the cruise.


Everyone will receive their own Flat Elvis at the Meet & Greet either in their packet or at one of the first events of the cruise.  We encourage you to take it with you throughout the ship and onshore excursions.  When you get home, post your pictures to our Facebook page at www.Facebook.com/ElvisFestivals and mark them @ElvisFestivals and #FlatElvis.  We will select some of the best to win prizes which will be mailed to you.


All decorated cabin doors that are in our group will be judged for the most creative door (note, they do NOT allow GLUE or DUCT TAPE).  Prizes will be given out for BEST DOORS at one of the final events of the cruise.

Elvis Celebrity Jeopardy

Check the schedule and make sure and attend ETA Celebrity Jeopardy as all the ETAs compete to show who’s got the most depth of Elvis knowledge.  The winner will have their earnings donated to St. Jude’s Children Hospital in their name.

Name That Tune: Elvis Style

All of our guests will the a chance to participate in Name that Tune: Elvis Style (check the schedule for details).  Participate and win prizes!

Game Night

 One night of the cruise (check the schedule) we will have an informal game night.  We have “Elvis Monopoly,” Elvis playing cards and Elvis Jigsaw puzzles.  Just relax, have fun and get to know each other.

Theme Nights

Check out the schedule of events to find out about theme nights during this year’s cruise.  On theme nights, where an outfit that reflects the theme for a chance to win door prizes.